Thursday, May 2, 2013

Day on the MALL

Who said black folks don't have picnics on the mall???!  We do and we had us a good time!  We had a nice and fun day out on Saturday to enjoy the weather and we will definitely be making a habit out this.  Cayden had a ball and he loved his chair that his Mi Mi bought him :-))  Boogy was in tow of course but he wasn't feeling being on his leash.  We packed up the cooler, Los is definitely a boyscout so he was prepared lol  We had lemonade, iced tea, sandwiches, salad, potato salad, chicken and green beans!  oh and of course music...Cayden had a ball running around and people watching.  We saw tons of dogs, other kids and families, bike riders amateur football players and of course the usual tourists.  Just had to share a few pics from our day out.  To put the icing on the cake we had crabs with my cousin at her house after our day on the Mall...yummy!  SPRING IS HERE!!

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