Friday, April 26, 2013

The Past is Done...Give what you wish to receive

Alex is always on the ONE!  This post was nothing but the truth and I had never heard this quote until today.  I always thought that our childhood and past can really affect our future but this quote opened my mind to see differently.  Not to say that the past plays no part in our actions but the past does not have to cripple you if you want to have a better future.  If one has not received love, they may not know how to express it or may be a little reserved on when to give it in fear of not being hurt or rejected but the more love you give the more you will receive!  If we hold on to what we didn't get or have, we hold back all the good we can get NOW.  So why have a loveless past, present and future??  It will take time to open up and let down walls but intuition never steers you in the wrong direction.  There will be heart breaks, hurt feelings and disappointments but that happens to everyone.  Just use those times as lessons and move on and get back to giving as Russell Simmons would say! :-)

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