Monday, February 1, 2010

Letting Go...

*WARNING* This is pretty lengthy...had to get some things out last week, ENJOY!

Letting go” is the most important thing that will determine whether you progress or remain stagnant. “Letting go” can be moving on from old thoughts, people and/or habits. The most important thing to let go of first are old thoughts, the mind must be renewed first before any real change can take place. ALL negative thoughts need to be replaced with new positive ones…that goes for negative thoughts and feelings towards others. When negativity is held inside towards others it also affects us as individuals.

Then sometimes it is necessary to “let go” of people who aren’t helping with the advancement of you. A lot of times we try to drag people along with us who aren’t meant to be there which then holds us back more than we know. We don’t realize how heavy the weight is until it is dropped. As humans we always want to help and that is what we should do but when we are putting in more to an individual who isn’t putting in to themselves then that’s when it may be time to “let go”. In the long run we may have helped the individual even more because some people have to lose something important to them in order to get things right. We become comfort zones for others and when that comfort zone is removed they too are forced to move as well.

Habits…wheeewww! The saying is indeed true, it’s better not to start a bad habit then to try and break one. There are so many habits we do unconsciously that we don’t realize are hurting us. Breaking bad habits takes a conscious effort in order to be successful. When negative thoughts begin to sneak up, immediately replace them with positives….when you feel yourself about to gossip or speak negativity try your hardest to refrain or think of a positive aspect of the person or situation. What’s on the inside of us comes out of our mouths so that is the best way to evaluate ones inner being….something to think about!

Last but definitely not least….”Let Go” of all YOUR control and “Let God” lead and guide you. He will whisper to you but it’s up to you to listen and make the necessary steps. Not being in control can be a scary feeling but His way is the best way. Now if I myself, could put this knowledge to use….lol I can do it with His strength, I know I can 8-)

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