Thursday, February 25, 2010

You knew it was coming.....

Yes, Yes, Yes....anyone who knows me knew it would be coming soon, JAY Z!!! My best friend and I have to be some the most avid Jigga fans out here...we make it a point to be at ALL concerts and sometimes out of town if we have to lol But this is definitely no groupie love, him and Bey are the hottest couple out there hands down! He is just the greatest rapper out and he continuously makes hit after hit and puts on great shows. I also respect his business mindset which is where he incurs most of his duckets. So for everyone who talks bad about Mr. Hovito for not "relating" to all black a book! He has always rapped about what's current and at the age of 41 I would hope he isn't still rapping about chilling in Marcy, robbing and dealing. He is now a business man so that's his main focus and he can't "offend his political connects" but so much. In my opinion Jay just keeps putting out records to keep the bar high so all these "Wacka Flacka Flames" don't take over....don't get me wrong, I love me some "ohh let dooo itttt" but when I want to hear something with some substance or to get me thinking I can put my ipod on shuffle with all Jay's 11 #1 albums. I also love his interviews with BBC....his interviewing style is hilarious! People always try to dig into him and Bey's B.I. but he always has comeback lines without giving up any info. By the way, he claims he made up the "Single Ladies" dance...Hmmmm

I'm warning my readers now....there will be plenty more Jigga interviews, video, ect to come so please don't be alarmed. Can't wait to see him on Wednesday....yup, I broke down and decided to go at the last minute! I promised myself this would be my last concert....the jury's still out on that one #dontjudgeme

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