Monday, July 11, 2011

Kelz's Pick-Me-Up....

Kellie is going to get me! I was supposed to do this post on Sunday...but like you said one thing a day so I can say i put up the picture on Monday morning lol

As she saved the day and fit me in her schedule to do my hair after a couple days at the beach it turned out to be a wonderful visit. We both were talking about our feelings, dreams, goals, moments of feeling stuck and also confusion. I left with a different perspective and more energy to continue working at the things I enjoy. I shared how I had been slacking off on the blog post updates, slacking on my photography and just at a state of confusion. I know what I love to do but I just can't think of what I want to call it that I want to be...if that makes any sense. The thing that stuck out the most was "you got the goods"...I have everything I already need and if I just continue to be diligent and improve on ALL the things I enjoy doing which also unknowingly help and inspire others God will guide me and it will all make sense.

I also expressed how I feel like I put time in and I never see anything come of those things so she asked "well how much time are you putting in"?? And as I thought about it, I have days where I go ALL IN then I won't do anything for a good couple weeks and that isn't good enough. So I am working on doing one thing a day involving goals I wish to accomplish. My problem is focus and discouragement. When I get discouraged I lose FOCUS. I'm working on it and I know I will see improvement in those two areas.

So thanks again Kelz and know that you really helped!! Be sure to check out her wonderful site Living For Purpose and be sure to order a copy of her new book !!!

Have a great one people and just remember, take everything one day at a time...don't focus on the bigger picture do your best in the NOW and the bigger picture will be more than you could even imagine!

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  1. Yes! You Are a Champion, turning challenges into everyday victory Is a must have for your library!
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    Listen to your trainer Kellie as she gets into the ring with you … commanding you to get back up … declaring that you can still win in spite of how many times you’ve been knocked down.
    This book does not only encourage adults but young people as well, as she pours out uncompromised truths on how she overcame traumatic situation as a young child through a biblical upbringing.
    Patrina Suydam, President / Founder of the Not My Kids Foundation, Inc