Monday, April 23, 2012

Great Day!

Just thought I'd write a short day has started out great!  My fat man is beginning to sleep through the night 7 hours and more, in HIS OWN BED and wakes up even happier.  We were all running a little late this morning but I still got to work early and in a great mood!  Had a long talk with the man upstairs yesterday and I feel so good!  I have some things that I need to find solutions to quick but I've gotten it off my chest and letting God work his magic sooo we'll see what the outcome is.  I'm learning to not stress over things as much, well at least trying my hardest not to.  Had a talk with my Papi Chulo lol and he let me know when things get confusing, make things less complicated, tackle the most important things and let everything else work themselves out.  Every problem or situation may not have a solution right away so tackle what you can and just give the other situations time.  Perception is key!  Don't view everything as a BIG deal...just another quirk to make life more interesting and add to your story.  I love my MAN! :-)

Enjoy your day, give positive energy and you'll receive it!  PEACE!

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