Friday, October 5, 2012

Loving TWO ppl at the same DAMN time!

I came across this video on necole bitchie and it got me thinking!  I've always heard this question "can you really love two people at the same time" and I always said no you can't because you don't genuinely love them if you have feelings for another person.  Check out Chris Brown's video then I'll go into how I feel now...the older wiser me

I definitely feel you can love two people at the same time but to be in love with two people...maybe not so much.  You can have deep feelings for two people but I feel time spent is what makes you fall in love with a person.  And hopefully if you are dating someone, you aren't spending too much if any time with the other person you have feelings for.  We are loving beings so love is just a natural feeling.  But it's the worse when you are single and you are trying to decide which person you want to be with when loving both.  I'm sure Chris Brown is stuck between a rock and a hard plate.  I think him and Rihanna have always wanted to be together but due to their fans and media, it would cause confusion since domestic violence was the reason for them breaking up.  Media feels it is not a good example for the young fans of either of the stars, Chris being the abuser (allegedly, i still have my views on that too) and Rihanna being the victim and going back to someone who has put his hands on her.

But anyway, I think if you love two people at the same time you have to look beyond love when choosing who you want to be with.  Now if you aren't trying to commit for the long term, just go with the flow and stay single but being OPEN AND HONEST is key!  But when trying to make a decision on a long term relationship that you want to progress to more love doesn't always hold things together.  It's about who you are most compatible with, who has the same goals and dreams as you, who is able to understand and deal with the lifestyle you live, who accepts you for who you are with no adjustments being made and who can you work well with the best.  We can love tons of people but when it comes to a relationship, its about team work and if you can't get along and work together....what's love got to do with it?!?  There are tons of people who are in love with someone but their beliefs are different, they want the other person to live a different lifestyle or they just love the idea of the person.  So love can be a tricky thing, but my opinion is we all have to look beyond can be a euphoric feeling but you have to step away and figure out who is best for YOU!

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