Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Act on your IDEAS...immediately!

Just a short post about our ideas and thoughts.  When we have a idea we feel is great, we should act on it immediately!  Even if it's writing it down, writing up a plan or even talking about it to someone else...someone you trust to not steal it of course LOL!  This allows the flame in our idea to not go out.  How many times have we come up with something we wanted to do and never act on it and before you know it you have convinced yourself of all the reasons why it wasn't a good idea in the beginning???  That's because we let the spark dissipate.  Grant it, some ideas may genuinely have been far left field but there are many that could turn into something bigger and we don't need to write them off as just another crazy idea.  Crazy ideas usually end up with crazily great (made that up lol) results!

Today, just write down some idea, business or dream you've had and try your best to work on it each day.

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