Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Not Yet....

Has anyone else ever had a "not yet" moment?!?!  I'm speaking of those times when you have been patient, you have done everything you can do and you are ready to throw in the towel....then out of nowhere something happens to stop you from giving up to let you know "not yet"!!  don't give up just yet!  Maybe it is a relationship where you are just at a loss of words or actions then that person does something for you to make you remember why you love them so much!  That's a "not yet" moment...or if you have applied to countless jobs with nothing to come of the situations and you go on strike!  Then a friend says they know of a place who's hiring...another "not yet" moment.  When God has something for you, he was to strengthen your character, patience and make you appreciate the blessing when you receive it.  So he will have you thinking it's over then send a small sign that says "not yet" but soon...just be patient!  I know I've had a few not yet moments and all I can do is smile.  Almost 7 years ago I prayed for God to work on my patience because I am verrrrry impatient and I can tell you, he's definitely answered that prayer!  So like the old folks say, a delay is never a deny so just hold tight and focus on the good then before you know it you will see all things PLUS more come to pass!

HOLD ON...you're almost there!! :-))

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