Friday, November 30, 2012

Happy Friday! New Affirmation

The weekend is finally here!!  And the weather is supposed to be pretty decent so I'll be hitting the streets fo' sho'!

I finally got back to reading, I had slacked off after I had Cayden still trying to learn to balance my time and use free time wisely.  Now I'm back at it, I have things pretty much down packed and I've gotten my butt back on the METRO so that's great reading time.  I had gotten half way through Russell Simmons's Super Rich book and I picked back up where I left off.  I have found me another daily affirmation to add to my few I say each day, or most days.

"Your only true job is to be awake and focused in the moment.  The results of that work belong to God"

I need to say this just about every hour!  This section title in the book was 'Let Go of The Results' and I definitely need to work on that.  We oftentimes focus on how much money we will make, if we are making what we think we should make, will people hear us or ever notice our efforts and that takes away from focusing on the task at hand.  And it also makes us give up if we don't see the results by the time we feel we should.  Whether it's taking care of your home, working at your job, starting a business just focus each day and don't worry about the results and they will be more than expected.  Each step prepares you for the next. I am going to try my best to continue reading, it really gets my creative juices flowing and my braining moving!

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