Thursday, November 29, 2012

I'm Officially HOOKED!!

So I'm sure I'm probably the last person on early to become addicted to Scandal but I'm HOOKED!!  I did not watch the show last season but I just caught up on all the episodes from this season and Keri Washington aka OLIVIA is the shxt!!!!  She handles her business!  It's just crazy because a lot of this stuff makes you wonder how much of this goes on with politicians and other officials???  I always thought everyone was crooked but this show shines a whole different light on how things can disappear, be covered up and manipulated.  My homie Buffie put me on to the show and I'm so glad she did!  My Mom loves the show too so now we have more to talk about on our ride to work tomorrow!  Let's hope I can stay up until 10 and not fall asleep.

I'm so proud of Keri Washington!  I've been a fan of her since Save the Last Dance and she played the hell out of her role in I think I Love my Wife!  I love seeing our black women in powerful roles on tv, even though some things may not be morally right but when you are dealing with crooked individuals you have to play the game they play or you won't survive! 

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