Thursday, February 21, 2013

Getting Back to the Basics...

I saw this post on FB a few minutes ago and thought it was a great post to blog about...with the killings of the two high school boys in the area over the past few days this was right on time!  Kids priorities are so messed up now days, everything is tied to what "image" can be portrayed and how much stuff can I acquire.  Don't get me wrong, EVERYONE loves nice things....I know I do!  But the focus everyday should not be how can I get those things and as a parent we have to be careful what we focus on because that will be the same things our kids grow up to put value on.  We get our kids used to name brand everything, expensive this and swagged out that then when they are too spoiled to get up and work hard on their own to buy these things they will do whatever it takes to keep up with the flashy lifestyle we've made them accustomed to.  I can say I have been guilty of this with my son, not necessarily putting a focus on name brand clothing but I do LOVE shoes and nice clothes.  But I can say all nice clothes are NOT expensive and I am a BARGAIN SHOPPER!  Now I know for a fact my son has no clue as to what he is wearing and I will never tell him "go get your Jordans out the closet" because he doesn't need to know what Jordans are at 1 but I like them.  I know as parents we want the best for our kids but is it really necessary??  For me, I'm a shoe fanatic...I like clothes but I LOVE shoes!  But will I stand in line for some...HELL NO!  Have I in the past when I was a teen...ABSOLUTELY!  But now days it's becoming deadly just to have on the latest pair of sneakers.  Everyone has also become obsessed with their kids being "swagged out"....we are allowing the tv and videos dictate what "cool" is for ourselves and kids.  Half the people on tv we are trying to keep up with don't spend a dime on anything they have on!!  It's free promotion for the labels and brands when they GIVE these people all the expensive things we see.  But here we are breaking the bank, maxing out credit cards just to keep up with a person who actually HAS the money to buy what they want but they are smart enough to just take what's FREE.

We need to get back to the basics of teaching character, integrity, love and values.  When you have all those things in order...the "things" will come and they won't be as much of a big deal because on the inside you feel even better than you look on the outside.  In church on Sunday, the pastor spoke on having character over looking good on the outside.  There are a lot of people who attain success that people dream of but their character doesn't allow them to stay there or fully enjoy it.  That's why people end up bankrupt, strung out on drugs, etc.  They thought being able to attain things would bring them eternal happiness and once they realize that is farthest from the truth they become sad and depressed.  Then it's like "now what"???  So raising "spoiled kids" is not always what's best...they become bored with all the things they get and can become very unappreciative if that's all the focus is on because they just expect it.  They aren't taught how to work for it and that this is not what's important but only a bi product of hard work and dedication.  Let's focus on education, helping others and loving each other as is...not by what one looks like or is wearing.  Instead of posting pics of our kids in their new outfit or new shoes, let's see pictures of that report card or them working hard at the table doing homework and reading a book!  There are a lot of dumb and ignorant people who hide behind their appearance and image so as the saying goes DON'T BELIEVE THE HYPE! 

Just pray for me and my shoes fetish :-)  Yes, I'm guilty but I will definitely do better!

Be sure to check out Scotty Scott's FB page!!  He has some really great thought provoking perspectives!

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  1. AWESOME POST!!!! We have to take a stand and make sure that our babies get to grow up and have a chance to make it out here. There are a lot of parents out here that are not involved in their children's lives all they think they have to do is make them look good and send them to school. When they need to actually sit down with their child and communicate with them, find out what moves them, what things do they like and from that put them in activities that will feed their passion and character.