Monday, August 15, 2011

Beautiful People....

For some reason when I listen to this song in the morning it gets me started off on the right foot. Weird, I know but it's a fun song and video! Everyone is beautiful in their own way and if we take the time to find the beauty instead of flaws things would be a lot better.

I recently stopped believing in flaws, what we think are "flaws" are the things that make you...YOU! Of course we all have things we need to work on but who doesn't?? I've been working hard lately on not judging because as one of my previous posts stated earlier "everyone has a story".....Also putting negative thoughts about people into others head is not fair, if you feel a certain type way about someone, keep it to yourself unless the other person has a way of defending themselves. We all like to vent but sometimes venting to the wrong person can eventually become damaging.

as I digress (as usual)....LIVE...LOVE....LAUGH! I have the laughing part down packed, don't take life too seriously :-))

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