Monday, August 8, 2011

Now Listening.... Watch The Throne! I'm doing work and trying to listen so I've been doing a lot of rewinding but so far this thing is GREAT! Not because I'm a Jay fan but this is a well put together album. Especially compared to what is being put out these far my fave songs are "Lift Off" with QUEEN BEY and "Ni99@$ in Paris"...I love this beat and the words. "Gotta Have It" has a lot of cool punch lines. My fave "lucky lefty I expect a 7" being as though I'm a lefty and 7 is my fave number, I'm practically obsessed with sevens!!!!

I'm getting even more excited about the show and pissed at the same time because it's almost 3 WHOLLEEEEE months away!!

Make sure you get a copy off iTunes and the hard copies will be in Best Buy on August 12th...

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