Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Passion vs Money

I'm finally posting from my poll question I added a while ago. From the whopping 4 people who voted I see that 50% of people are afraid to pursue their true passion out of fear of not having enough money.

I am also one of those people who is terrified of change, I've been coming out of my comfort zone for the past year and it feels great but when it comes to money I'm still stuck in my zone. It's always that question "well how am I going to pay my bills"??? I've always had this fear of being flat broke so I'm always stashing money, saving etc. But I have passions I want to pursue but by the time I get off from my 9-5 I'm dead tired. I'm really thankful for my job especially in these financially trying times but I know I have more in me. I just have to discipline myself to maximize the free time I do have instead of being lazy or participating in useless activities.

My small piece of advice to my fellow "passion pursuers" don't quit your day job UNLESS it is just something that you hate and is emotionally draining and you just can't take it! lol With doing that you will have to downsize your lifestyle in order to make ends meet with the funds you bring in from your passion, if any in the beginning. But back to my advice (did I mention I think I have adult ADHD), put your all into whatever side career you are pursuing. Spend any free time practicing, networking, marketing yourself etc. A lot of times we will have to say NO to a lot of people but you know it's for the better. Also use the extra money from the 9-5 to fund your passion. A lot of times we can teach ourselves many things but we have to be dedicated and disciplined to do it.

We have everything we need WITHIN ourselves to do anything we want! We just can't let what society says and the "norm" scare us away. Even if we just read a book about whatever we're pursuing, that is better than nothing. When we take one step, God takes the next and HE will put us in contact with the right people and put us at the right places at the right time. But if we don't make a move neither will HE. We only get one life to live so why not enjoy it as much as possible! When you are doing what you love the money will follow, I used to just think that was just a cliche' but I've seen many examples of individuals stepping out on faith and everything working out in the end. They are more financially stable than they were in their comfort zone and living a fulfilled life.

Trust me, I am still a work in progress so I wrote this so I can continuously read it for myself because I'm still in a "stuck" phase but I hope this helped someone else in the meantime!!

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  1. I soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo needed to read this... I want to write my book so bad, but I start and stop.. I start and stop.. I get distracted, and most of all I get discouraged... Worrying that it wont be as sucessful as I hope and pray it will be... but ever since I was a child... I've always wanted to write my book.. and I'm determined to do so.... I've got a bout 4 chapters down...17 more to go... #21DatesLater.... Thanks Eeshbeesh... You really spoke to me today.