Sunday, December 5, 2010

Mike Vick Project....

Just finished reading the cover story of the new Sports Illustrated titled 'Is it O.K. To Cheer' featuring Mike Vick...
This was a perfect title for this type of story an instance that takes place all the time. People making mistakes and trying to make changes but still fighting to win the approval of others and make them believers. I was always a Vick fan and felt the punishement he received was overdone. There are tons of players in the NFL (as well as other professional athletes, politicians, ect.) that have committed worse crimes than dog fighting but have somehow seem to be swept under the rug everytime.

My opinion still stands that race played a key part in the harsh punishment that was received. I do agree he should have owned up and dealt with consequences for his actions but the degree of punishment and publicity is what pissed me off. Everyone has that time in their life or incident that forces them to change, alot of people sucumb to the pressure of their trials. Vick showed us how strong and determined he was/is and proving to everyone who wants to brand him with this label as a cruel "dog killer". He's proving he is more than that and has a lot to offer and can also serve as a role model for kids as well as adults who feel its the end of the world when big mistakes are made. We can overcome ANY obstacle, we have to be the ones to make that decision to change and have faith in God.

No matter how much good Vick has done, no matter how many touchdown passes he throws the media is going to continuously be sure he doesnt forget his mistakes. During a timeout of the "carnage" lol of the Redskins they showed clips of him in court, getting locked up and pleading his case in reference to the dog fighting. My question is, was that the only footage they could find after he has served time, completed community service, became a better family man and the list goes on?? The lesson i got from it was our mistakes will always follow us but they dont have to consume or define us. We can choose to remember the mistake or the lessons learned from them. Vick is showing how to do the latter.

So to answer the question to the title....YES it is OK to cheer!! People should have been cheering when he was at his lowest point, thats when he needed it the most. Its easy to support the good but its more valuable when you support the progress from negative to positive....

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