Thursday, December 16, 2010

The "Secret" & Oprah...

I have been in a book club for the past month which was started by my hair stylist Kellie, we have been reading some really great books! I think I'm going to suggest "The Secret" for one of our reads, this book talks about how the Law Of Attraction works in the universe. I have read it and it really helped me to change my thinking and focus more consciously on every single thought that crosses my mind. I thought about this as i got really excited about our book club meeting this Saturday where we will be making Vision Boards!! I have always wanted to make one but I never took out the time to go through magazines and books to find images for my board. So this was so needed for me that we are doing this on Saturday. A Vision Board is just a creative way to put long term or short term goals all together to help stay focused on what we want to come to pass in our lives. The benefit of vision boards tie into the law of attraction...what your mind focuses on is what you will attract to your life. So any images, quotes, people ect. can be added to your board that gives you inspiration to stay focused on the goals at hand.

Oprah is another amazing individual that I study and she also speaks on how she uses the Law of Attraction in her life. We all know how successful Oprah is so I'll definitely take her word for it. A lot of us look at her and say well she has this and that, she know this and that person but she did not START out with all those things and connections. If you have the drive anything can be accomplished and a vision board is a good way to start because he makes you sit down and really think about what it is you would like accomplish, the type of lifestyle you want to live and begins your planning stage as far as what ways you will begin getting there. Once you have those visualizations, it's easier to keep your mind focused. I'll probably start off with a short term vision board so I don't become overwhelmed then gradually add to it as the short term goals become reality.

For 2010 I tried to focus on changing my mind and thinking and for 2011 and I trying to focus on actually taking action....keep praying for me! Things have already began looking good for me :-)))

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