Monday, December 20, 2010

Vision Board...

Here it is!!! My vision board...I've finally made one :-))) I've been trying to put one together for the longest and I have a lot of things that WILL COME TO PASS in my life.
This is exciting to have things to actually work towards and be able to look at it everyday. I always have tons of thoughts and ideas but my board allowed me to narrow them down. I'm going to challenge myself to see how many vision boards I can create...once I've accomplished everything in one I will make new boards which will constantly give myself things to work for. I also added quotes and positive words to keep me on course.

In the past, a lot of things I have dreamed about or wanted to gain I didn't really believe I could gain but I believe in myself with the help of God that all the things I want I will have. 2010 my focus was on changing my thinking and building character now 2011 is about taking action. I even got Morgan to make a board! It's never too early to start setting goals. I wish I would've started thinking and believing way back then. It made me feel good when she told me she has it hanging above her bed and is going to try hard to stay focused....

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