Thursday, November 11, 2010

Dad knows Best...

"A secret is not a secret once you've told it to someone else"

No matter how hard people try to hold things in it rarely happens. Some people just can't keep secrets for various reasons...they just frankly can't hold water, others just talk so much they don't think about what they are saying and some just like to feel important as if they have the latest juicy gossip. But whatever the reasoning are, if there is something you don't want to get out keep it to YOURSELF, write it down, tell GOD and if it makes you feel better tell him "pssst don't tell this to nooobody" but the minute you repeat it to someone else expect it to come out sooner or later. Or of course, you could kill them after you tell it then surely it will not to get beyond the two of you LOL!

Just one of my random posts, the older I get all of my Dad's words, sayings and teachings become even more valuable. #DADSROCK!

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