Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Kanye & Our Fears reflected thru Judgements of Others...


Waking up at insanely crazy times of morning is becoming the norm so I figure why not blog. I happened to be on FB and I was watching a video upload on REALTALKNY website, from Kanye's album release concert in NY last night, which provoked me to post on a topic I had been discussing earlier this week. Before I go into that since it was inspired by something Kanye said (4:48 in vid) I'll give some props to Kanye and his new album 'My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy'....this has to be one of the best album's of the year!! Kanye put his all into this one, I'm sure he does with all his albums but I feel all the controversy, from the past year hell his whole career, made him work even harder. He had time to deal with pinned up anger, issues and emotions and it definitely spilled onto this Amazing album. He had some of the best artist to help him out from Teyana Taylor to Elton John. No matter how bad the media bashes Kanye he is a genius who is trying to find a medium between being true to himself and being "media friendly"...impossible if you ask me. The media will bash anything or anyone that poses a threat to the "norm" in any way. Most artists (not just musicians) have a hard time creating without offending the masses...we are all hedonistic most of the times so in order to feel self gratified we tend to offend others in the process. Take a look at the clip and you be the judge, which leads to my next topic....

Are we the cause of our lack of success deriving from our judgments of others?? When I say that, I'm asking do our biggest fears come from the negative views, thoughts ect. we pass on others? We all know in order to progress you need others but it's hard to get over yourself when you feel other's won't accept who you REALLY are or they will view you the same way you view others. I know as a society we can be very judgmental which is mainly provoked by the news, blogs, reality shows ect. It's always worrying about the negatives and pointing out the next persons flaws. But are we doing this to take the light away from our flaws or to make us feel better about ourselves? We all try to give off a feint of confidence and strength but we are all dealing with some sort of insecurity, some more than others...

When we talk about people, myself included, all it does is hurts us in the end. That same negative thought or comment you made about 'her/him' is the same thought that's going to run through your mind when you are trying to go for that next promotion, the next networking event, competition or just a request for help. We will think "are they going to like me", "they are going to say no", "I'm not good enough for this group", "I have too many issues", "they look better than me" and the list goes on...Some of these worries are the norm but most of the time they are our thoughts coming back to haunt us. Lately I've been trying to control my thoughts when I see something I don't necessarily agree with because I remember I will be in a position at some point to be judged and I don't want everything to be unfavorable. I try my hardest to see that ONE good thing in the situation or individual that you can't find off first glance. That deeper look may be that deeper look someone gives me when I am under the microscope.

Every individual has layers so we should practice getting beyond the surface...the ones who look the best may have some very interesting under layers while the one who seems to have issues and not so easy on the eye may have the answer or connection you need to move you to that next level of success!

Lengthy post but i've been thinking about this for a while....thx for reading!!! :-))))

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  1. Great blog! I myself have been going through a few growing pains... yeah at 28! However, I am so thankful that I have a mother who taught me to think WHY NOT ME instead of WHY ME when things become turbulent. THE WHY NOT ME has forced me to take a deeper look at myself and what I could have possibly done to warrent these unfavorable outcomes and although on the surface I appear to be caring and loving, I pass judgements on people before they even open their mouth; subsquently, I always assume that others think the worst of me. Being jugdemental creates fear and fear hinders success... Thanks Eesh this blog really enlightened me! Gotta go, I have a better me to work on! Peace&Love