Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Everyone knows how I am about Jay Z and anything that has to do with him...I pre-ordered Decoded and I'm impatiently awaiting it's arrival! I came across this video where he speaks on SUCCESS and how people close to you react when THEY (I meant), YOU change.

Please provide feedback...if u agree or disagree! If you have experienced this, how did it affect you and what did you do to please yourself or those involved.

"Most young Kings (Queens lol) get their heads cut off"....Jay describes how the people close to you feel as if you have changed when you reach a certain level of success or in your journey to success. Why stay the same if you are trying to become better?? How can you reach your full potential hanging around people who aren't going in the same direction? Is changing wrong?? My opinion is no, as long as it's for the better and you are being true to yourself. People will have something to say whether you are doing good or bad so why not do YOU...their going to talk anyways. We need to get out of the mindset of wanting to be liked and accepted so much that we will be unhappy on the inside as long as it looks good on the outside. Society has popularized "image" so much that we will do anything to make something look good no matter how faux we really are. People always talk about "keep it real" but the question is who are we keeping it real with? Definitely not ourselves....

Maybe we as individuals need to DECODE ourselves and we can see who we really are and what we believe in then it will be easier to move on and feel good about the CHANGES we make because it's all done in the pursuit of pure happiness. And only those who genuinely care for us will understand.

Take a look at the video and tell me what you think! ENJOY!
(for the ppl who r looking for the video, when you click on the word SUCCESS that is underlined it will direct you to the video)

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