Thursday, November 18, 2010


I tried to walk alone never knowing where I was going

I went from wanting to be a pediatrician to a computer tech

From a photographer to model then settling for baby mama; only for security, ohh how silly of me

I loved to get high, not on Mary anymore, but from my plans that went right out the door

I never achieved because I really didn’t believe

I didn’t believe because I knew none of it was really for me, got tired of going around in circles

Still living life with no purpose...Going no where fast still finishing last

I always wanted more for myself but I had to learn first to get over myself

Truly making God my focus, life stop feeling so hopeless

Wiping my hands of all my future plans, all past memories blown away like sand

Still a work in progress but determined not to regress

Surrendering was the best choice yet, armoring myself against all threat

No more morbid convos that stirs up trouble as fast as the time goes

They say what’s in you will pour so true without a doubt

I am so blessed, how dare I put God through all this stress??

I’ve apologized for all my mess now I’m letting HIM take care of the rest!!

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